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Spiral 2

2011-03-31 17:47:11 by superbooks

My artwork SPIRAL was so popular, I just released the sequel, SPIRAL 2! erbooks/spiral-2


2011-03-30 19:14:06 by superbooks

My artwork SPIRAL is now on Newgrounds! If it is popular, I will post the rest of the series! (SPIRAL 2, SPIRAL 3, etc.).
Here's the link: erbooks/spiral


A New Avatar

2011-03-30 15:47:07 by superbooks

I just put up my new avatar. It's a picture that I made called Spiral. On Kongergate, it was so popular that I made it into a series! The latest is Spiral 5, which came out a few days ago.
I'll be posting them here on Newgrounds soon!

My Second Entry

2011-03-30 15:41:53 by superbooks

This is my second entry!
YAAAAAAY!!! lol :)


2011-03-24 18:30:00 by superbooks

Hi! I just made my account here. I'm not new to the Internet, only Newgrounds.
I've been on Kongregate ( for a few months. I'm "superbooks2" there.